Gillian also now offers a 10 week Mindful Eating Programme online, a very popular and successful approach, which has been proven to effectively reduce problematic eating behaviours such as binge eating, overeating and loss of control over food. By re-learning to eat instinctively it is possible to break free from the eat, repent, repeat or diet-overeat cycles. A ‘health at any size’ philosophy is endorsed, and the programme focuses on developing a normal relationship with food rather than weight loss (although this is one of it’s many beneficial side effects). 

Many people swing between dieting and overeating cycles. This is the classic yo-yo effect we so often see, as a person has ‘good’ days when they stick to the rules, and bad days when they overindulge in forbidden or bad foods and break their diet. This leads to frustration and guilt, as you become more focused on food that you were before!  

The Mindful Eating Programme will help you:

• Stop obsessing about food, eating and weight.

• Finally understand why diets havn’t worked for you.

• Discover simple yet powerful methods for knowing why you eat and when, what, how and how much to eat without restriction.

• End mindless and emotional eating.

• Become aware of, and in charge of, the hundreds of eating decisions you make every day. You will now have choices!

• Eat the foods you love without feeling guilty, relearn to enjoy all foods again.

• Learn to balance your nutritional needs, with variety and moderation.

• Stop exercising to earn food or punish yourself for overeating.

• Nourish your body, mind and spirit to build your health, energy and joy.

To find out more about this programme contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07935 219718.

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